Explorations and Electives

This week, we want to highlight some of our Explorations camps and Math and Writing Institute electives that focus on technology! We’re starting with our youngest tech camp, Bee-Bots!! Click on the image at the bottom of this post for a closer look at this fun program.

Camp Invention

Speaking of technology, our Camp Invention kids are having a blast digging into their take apart projects. We’ve seen radios, telephones, and many more fun items that are getting broken down, only to get rebuilt by the end of the week!! There was also some fun with water balloons today!

Discover Day Camp

It was another great splash day here at Discover! And the week will only keep getting better!! Word on the street is that we have some big visitors this week. Stay tuned for pictures with our fun new friends!

Creative Arts Camp

The stage is up and we’re ready to go! You won’t want to miss our spectacular show!!

Bee Bots

More Day 2 pictures can be found here!