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Discover Day Camp

Good thing the rain didn’t start until after camp was over because today was splash day!! Our Discover campers had fun playing outside. They also had a lot of fun bouncing and dribbling balls in the gym.

Creative Arts Camp

We’re gearing up for our show here at CAC,

Making beautiful creations for y’all to see.

Olive Summer! We’re really cooking up a storm…

But this food that you’ll see isn’t quite the norm!

Explorations and Math & Writing Institute

Today in Play-Well TEKnologies: Pre-Engineering for Girls Using LEGO, our campers built a huge LEGO village! Then they learned how to build remote control LEGO robots to navigate around their village. Our Move & Groove campers learned how to play mini marimbas. They made some beautiful music!! Some of our Math & Writing Institute campers did a writing exercise based on their favorite books that they brought from home.