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Hello Summer at Hockaday Family!

This week we’ve had the pleasure of hosting a group of girls from the Young Women’s Preparatory Network (YWPN) here on the Hockaday campus. YWPN’s mission is to support single-gender, college-preparatory, public education in Texas and beyond, giving young women the academic and leadership skills to achieve success in college and in life. The network is currently partnered with eight all girls public schools in Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, Austin, and Lubbock.  With a 100% high school graduation and college acceptance rate, the Young Women’s Preparatory Network is putting programs and curriculum in place to ensure the continued success of all its students.  The program here at Summer at Hockaday is just one example of how they do this.

Led by Quincy Lacerte, Special Projects Director for YWPN and a former affiliate of the residence community at The Hockaday School, twenty-three very special young women have had an opportunity to experience dorm life this week.  These entering 10th graders participated in Summer at Hockaday’s Math & Writing Institute while living on campus.  While taking classes and electives they learned to manage their personal and academic needs, as will be required of them in college.  Participating in sports, managing a class schedule and or homework, providing service as counselors in training, doing laundry, eating well to maintain energy, and still making sure to have fun and make time for friends…these young women did it all and did it well.

As we come to the end of the Young Women’s Preparatory Network’s time with us, Summer at Hockaday wishes them all the best!

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Are you fascinated by the big screen?  Does the idea of bringing a story to the masses intrigue you?  Then Summer at Hockaday would like to introduce you to Lights, Camera, Action!  In this class campers are introduced to the basic tools of film making and analysis.  They examine cinematography and learn to implement the tools used in film making, such as camera angles, script writing, film editing and plot development.

Our instructor, Mr. Jenkins, made today’s focus camera angles.  Take a look at campers as they begin to implement what they’ve learned into their movies.  Want your camper to take part, register here.

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Most of us own or have at least seen an iPhone.  But, how many of us have thought about what we might have if Steve Jobs had never co-created Apple Inc.?  Could someone else have come up with a computer system that eventually bought us the iPhone?  Would the product even be a phone?  Maybe we might have a wireless hands free cerebral communicator called the BrainBot.  Well, Dare to be an an Entrepreneur allows our campers to explore their inner Steve Jobs!

Summer at Hockaday campers taking Dare to be an Entrepreneur have an opportunity to make their ideas a reality.  Campers brainstorm different ideas, explore materials and labor needed to create their product, and determine pricing for their product.  Below is a look at campers as they begin the production phase of their various products.  And, this Friday, July 1st, parents are welcomed to browse the goods for purchase.  The sale will begin at 9:30am.  Please check your camp communication for further details.  You can also register your campers for future classes of Dare to be an Entrepreneur here.


Welcome Back!  Hope you all had a great weekend.  Summer at Hockaday continues with the beginning of another session today.

Welcome to the Perot Museum Camp, visiting our campus this week.  We hope they enjoy their time with us.

Discover Day Camp, Creative Arts Camp, Exploration, Academic Enhancement, and the Math and Writing Institute are all back with a few new classes and many of our favorites returning as well.  New to elective offerings are 3-D Game Design, Keyboarding, Intramural Sports, and Lights, Camera, Action.  Executive Chefs has returned to tempt our taste buds.  And, Dare to be an Entrepreneur joins us to encourage campers to be be their own boss.  Take a look at what campers were up to on their first day of classes.

3-D Game Design

Academic Enhancement

Executive Chef

Discover Day Camp

Creative Arts Camp – Dance Class

Lights, Camera, Action

Today our Creative Arts campers took us back to a time from our own childhood.  A time when we all wanted Mary Poppins to give us our medicine with “A Spoonful of Sugar”.  A time when going to Disneyland and meeting Mickey Mouse meant you were a part of it all…giving you the right to sing “The Mickey Mouse Club Song”.  And, “When you Wish(ed) Upon a Star” your dreams really did come true.  Creative Arts Camp’s Disney Spectacular was just that, spectacular.  Campers delighted the audience with a trip down Disney Lane, singing and moving to choreography that made us laugh and kept us entertained.  If you missed it, check out the video below.  There is also a slideshow of pictures from the show and more of this week’s activities in our gallery.


Looking forward to Friday?  We sure are here at Summer at Hockaday!  This Friday we get to see all the exciting projects our campers have been working on this week.

Creative Arts Camp will perform their Arts Showcase at 2pm tomorrow.  Check your camp communication for specific location.  Come see your campers as they sing, dance, and showcase their talents.  Then, at 3pm, head over to Camp Invention to see all their cool inventions on display.  Here’s a look at rehearsal for tomorrow’s show and a sneak peak at a few prototypes.  Remember, you can check out pictures from all the weeks activities in the gallery.

Creative Arts Camp – Showcase Rehearsal

Camp Invention

Happy Wednesday!  We’re midway through a fantastic week.  The temperature has been so high that we’ve had to come up with fun ways to keep cool outside.  Today our Discover Day Camp campers chilled out in the shade, in a BOUNCE HOUSE!  Campers had a blast bouncing around and then got to cool off with their favorite flavored snow cone.  Snapshots of our littlest campers in all their jumping joy can be seen below.  For a look at more photos check out our Week 3 gallery later this week.