Does your child have a response to everything you say…usually the opposing position of what it is you’ve said?  Is your child constantly running around the house and seems to never run out of energy?  Maybe your son or daughter asks you for their favorite bedtime story each night.  They’ve started reading for themselves but still need a little practice with concepts within a book.  If the first thing that ran across your mind was “YES!”, then you should check out the Summer at Hockaday programs below.  There’s still time to join us for our next session.

Speech & Debate

This program teaches campers, grades 5-10, how to communicate their ideas most effectively and analyze the opposite view point in order to rebut.

Fit Kids Run

As a part of the athletic programs offered in our summer program, Fit Kids  Run gives campers a healthy way to work off their excess energy.  Campers learn the fundamentals of running track and stay physically fit at the same time.

Magic Tree House Reading Club

Campers, grades 1 – 4, explore the adventure Magic Tree House series as a group.  They read, discuss, image, write, and illustrate their interpretation of the book.