Spend your summer at Hockaday!

A Great First Week!


We have had a WONDERFUL first week filled with lots of smiles! The kids have enjoyed the unwind week with cooking, acting, sewing, LEGO challenges and more! We are excited to see everyone come back for more fun!

Summer at Hockaday, Last Day!

Wow! It has been a great summer here at Hockaday!! Today was our last day of camps. We are so thankful for each camper that joined us. We hope y’all enjoy the last few weeks of summer and have a fantastic new school year. Be on the lookout for our postcards with information about next summer. We would love to see you again!

Pictures from the entire summer can be viewed here. Select the week that your camper attended and scroll through to find his or her program.

What an Amazing Summer!

In celebration of all the campers, staff, counselors, and CITs that gave us an AMAZING Summer at Hockaday everyone gathered at Penson Circle for a treat.  Kona Ice stopped by to cool us down with snow cones!  Campers had an opportunity to pick their own flavor(s) and wind down with friends.  Flip through the slideshow below to see all the fun.  And, special thank you to Melissa Curtis for arranging the treat!

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Spotlight on Kids Chemistry

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Image if you knew what you learned in your high school chemistry class back when you were in 1st or 2nd grade.  You would have been so ahead of the game.  Well, that’s what our Kids Chemistry campers are, ahead of the game.  With a range of fun experiments, games, projects, fun facts, amazing videos, and more campers are learning about atoms, acids, molecules, electrons, metals, and all kinds of interesting chemistry topics.

Most recently Mrs. Windham has been teaching our Kids Chemistry campers all about solids, liquids, gasses, and the reactions they create.  Today, campers  got an opportunity to experiment with the chemical reaction created when baking soda (a solid) is introduced to vinegar ( a liquid).  Take a look at the slide show above to see how these two properties react to create carbon dioxide (a gas).  And, see how our campers react to the gas blowing up their balloons.

Summer at Hockaday Memories Being Made

Hello Summer at Hockaday family and friends!  Today is the second day of the last week of our programs.  Campers continue to enjoy fun times in both academic and exploration classes.

As we wind down the week we’re experiencing a lot of lasts for the summer.  For example, Discover Day Camp had its last Splash Day today and Creative Arts Camp will have theirs tomorrow.  There’ll be no more sweet smells coming from Tarry House and Trent after Friday.  Kitchen Chemistry, Cooking Italian, Cooking up Brunch, Cooking Across the States, and Food for Thought are all putting forth their best prior to the kitchens closing. We’ll be sad to see it all over.  But, we can all see what great memories our campers are making below.

Discover Day Camp – Splash Day

Kitchen Chemistry & Cooking Across the States

Last Week for Summer at Hockaday!

Welcome to Week 7 of Summer at Hockaday! We are so glad that you are joining us for our last week of camps.  Discover Day Camp and Creative Arts Camp are  wrapping up this week with their last Splash Days.  To close things out, Explorations has bought back fan favorite classes like Kids Chemistry,Cooking Across the States, Rocks to Rockets, and American Girls Rule.  We will be posting pictures to our gallery throughout the week, so make sure to check back daily!

In the meantime, take a look at the photos of what went on today in some of our Exploration classes.  Mainly Math solved problems using dice to determine what numbers would be used.  Pro-Bots & More began computer programming in anticipation of programming their cars.  Hands on science watched their teacher walk through creating slime before doing it themselves.   And, Kids Chemistry created visuals for solids, liquids, and gasses.

Summer at Hockaday, Olympics Style

Creative Arts Camp presents Hocka-lympics.  A creative twist on Summer Olympic Games. Teams from The United States of America, The Peoples Republic of China, India and South Africa were represented and sports were showcased through interpretive dance and more. Sports such as basketball, synchronized swimming and gymnastics were performed at an Olympic GOLD level!

Gym Games and More and Tennis and Swim teamed up for a fun game involving inner tubes and balance.  Last I checked, the record was 9 seconds!

And let’s not overlook the efforts of Tennis and Swim and their mean backhand, the quick pace of Summer Track Club and the fast break in basketball from Intramural Sports.